Silkscreen on Slate and a Haitian Folktale

Herb Weigand - The Riddance of EvilThis is no ordinary “painting on slate.” There are so many fascinating layers to this work, from the story of how the slate was obtained to the meaning behind the painting’s imagery to the actual layers and technique used in its creation, it made me rethink my preconceptions towards using slate as a canvas. . . . . [...]

Stacking Stone

Becoming Round by Carol DriscollThere’s something about stacked stone that is almost mesmerizing. When I was preparing the call for artists for the Slate as Muse exhibition, I was hoping to get a stacked slate piece in the show. The slate gods smiled and I not only got my wish, but the work was created using a unique red slate that is quarried right here in Granville, NY. . . . [...]

Haunted by Waters

Deep in Mysterious Lies by Adriano Manocchia Of all the artwork that was submitted for the Slate as Muse exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum, I was most curious about how painters were going to create engaging work using slate as their subject. How does an artist who’s a master at painting “waterscapes” use water to capture the essence of slate? . . . . [...]

Drawing on Sidewalks

Heart by Susan BreenRemember the days of chalk drawings on the sidewalk? This artist brings us back to our childhood days and makes us pay attention again to the wonder of simple things. . . [...]

The Art of Mosaic - From Eggshells to Slate

What Lies Within by Linda Biggers Eggshells, roofing slate and sometimes even a broken windshield or a shower door are the inspiration for these unique mosaics. [...]