En Plein Air...in a Slate Quarry

"Leftovers" by Tony Conner. WatercolorOne of the common misconceptions about watercolor is that it is useful only for light, airy, and somewhat dreamy subjects. Artist Tony Connor proves that painting in watercolor en plein air in a slate quarry can yield spectacular results. . . . [...]

Painting with Stone

Solace in Black and White by James BassettHere’s what happens when a sculptor wants to experiment with painting, and ends up wondering, “What would it be like to paint in stone?” . . . . [...]

Slate as a Creative Muse

Black Hole Sun by Michael KuklaSlate is an unlikely muse for most artists. The Slate as Muse exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum challenged artists from throughout the United States to push the boundaries of how slate is perceived today. If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to go! For those of you who live too far away, I will be writing about each of the pieces in the show over the next couple of weeks as a sort of personal “curator’s tour” of the exhibition. . . . . [...]

Invisible Art Sells for Millions

I’ve always thought the art world was a little mad. New York artist Lana Newstrom created an entire show of “invisible art” with the premise of, “Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean I didn’t put hours of work into creating a particular piece.” Oh, and collectors are lining up to buy it . . . . [...]

Working as a Creative in the Rural Northeast

Creative EconomyIn our modern era of large corporations and mass-produced products, creative businesses and cultural institutions in rural America are navigating challenging times. Join us for a roundtable discussion with panelists from museums, theater, fine art, journalism/publishing, craft and a member of Upstate Creative as we discuss the challenge of managing a creative business, particularly in the rural Northeast. and share ideas and success stories and networking opportunities. . . . [...]