Wonder Women

Wonder Woman AwardOut of all the awards out there, you won’t find this one in a Who’s Who or on the front page of the news, but it is certainly one of the most powerful. . . . [...]

A Crayon Christmas

Crayon Christmas Tree - Serena KovaloskyFor all my artful friends, this Christmas Tree’s for you – inspired by my humble beginnings of putting crayon to paper. Honestly, it felt good to create from such child-like simplicity. . . . [...]

Thanksgiving and Abundance

Gold Prosperity Bowl 2 - Serena KovaloskyExactly four years ago, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I wrote a post on a Prosperity Bowl I had created that I thought would bring more abundance into my life, until a post by Seth Godin set me on a more powerful path . . . . [...]

Lightning and Slate

Merwin_Reflections-of-Lightning-on-SlateAbstract inspiration: An artist, a thunderstorm and the ruins of an old mill. . . . [...]

Roof Shingles as an Artist's Canvas

Flounder by Michael UpdikeCarved roofing slate: “Petrified images that exist within an artifact of our domesticity” . . . . [...]