Beauty in a Slag Pile

Below the Tip by Richard WeisPainter Richard Weis finds the beauty even in a slag pile, visiting slate quarries from Wales to Vermont. . . . [...]

Sculpture and Relationship

Gyula Varosy-Quarry GuardWhen all the artwork first arrived for the Slate as Muse Exhibition, as the curator I started looking for relationships between the pieces in this eclectic collection of work, as the layout of the exhibition came together. One sculptural piece seemed to defy any particular relationship with any other work in the show. . . . [...]

Slate as Storyteller

Kathleen Bennett Bastis - Slate Study #2Inspired by the unintended collaboration of man and nature in 200-year-old slate roof tiles, Kathleen Bennett Bastis translates their past narrative into the present [...]

Industrial Abstracts - From Bethlehem Steel to Slate Valley Quarries

Slate Abstract V by Alyssha Eve CsukAlyssha Eve Csük is a fine art photographer, fascinated by places of bygone industry. She captured her first abstracts at the dormant Bethlehem Steel, then toured the quarries of the Slate Belt and the Slate Valley, inspiring her slate abstracts.. . . . . [...]

Silkscreen on Slate and a Haitian Folktale

Herb Weigand - The Riddance of EvilThis is no ordinary “painting on slate.” There are so many fascinating layers to this work, from the story of how the slate was obtained to the meaning behind the painting’s imagery to the actual layers and technique used in its creation, it made me rethink my preconceptions towards using slate as a canvas. . . . . [...]