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A Famous Sand Art Performance and the Story Behind It - Day 136

"You Are Always With Us"  from Sand Art Performance by Kseniya Simonova © Kseniya Simonova

Many of you have perhaps already seen the spectacular sand art performance by Kseniya Simonova, winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent (2009), whose video went viral on YouTube with over 23 million viewers to date.

Very few people, however, are aware of the inspiring story of Simonova’s life and how she came to be known as “The Lady of the Sand”.

From a three-year old who saw beautiful, amazing pictures in her dreams to a brilliant student who excelled in fine art, poetry, literature, and psychology, attending two universities at once with a six-month old baby and then writing a highly-applauded thesis on a bilingual magazine project which later became her own business, Kseniya Simonova’s exceptional talent and hard work is the foundation for her success.

Simonova never dreamed she’d become a sand artist, and when she began practicing, she nearly gave it up. But she persevered, caring for a household and her baby by day and  training every night from 10pm to 4am until she mastered the medium. Read the full story on her website and be inspired: The Lady of the Sand

In the semi-final of Ukraine’s Got Talent, Simonova wanted to perform a sand story about the Great Patriotic War, in memory of the fallen soldiers who saved her county from the Nazis. The producers preferred a more popular theme, but Simonova wanted to bring something “immortal” to the show. The performance was called, “You Are Always Nearby”,  a story about a young couple separated by a war in which the soldier is tragically killed, but returns in spirit to watch over his wife and child. The performance brought everyone to their feet, tears in their eyes. Here is the video:

Since 2009, Kseniya Simonova has been performing all over the world – for presidents and royalty as well as for the benefit of her favorite charities, particularly hospitals and maternity hospitals. Even before her television fame, Simonova and her husband established a charity with a mission to assist children and adults suffering from illness,  as well as helping pregnant women in need of assistance, and young mothers and orphans.

Simonova continues to create, sharing her healing stories in sand, and using her art as a way of “giving back” whenever she can. Her famous television moment touched millions, and her creativity continues to heal and inspire others.

- SerenaK

Artist Credits for the images included in this post:

Kseniya Simonova lives in the Ukraine and travels all around the world with her sand art performances
Visit Kseniya Simonova’s website at: Kseniya Simonova

Music List from the Video:
1. Cirque du Soleil – Jeux d’Eau
2. В.Лебедев-Кумач – Священная война
3. Марк Бернес – Темная ночь
4. Apocalyptica – Harmageddon
5. John Williams – Auschwitz – Birkenau
6. Марк Бернес – Журавли
7. Apocalyptica – Nothing Else Matters


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