Art, travel and creative fun! Serena was a guest on Angie Bowie's Radio Show! Creative sparks were flying!

Angie Bowie. Photo credit: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

Chicago curator Sergio Gomez interviews Serena on the Art NXT Level podcast:

Art NXT Level

Artful Vagabond Hits the Road

Artful Vagabond Hits the Road- ©Jim McLaughlin Photo

Artful Vagabond Hits the Road: Serena Kovalosky, Jim McLaughlin, Kenny Hopkins. Photo © McLaughlin Photography

Artful Vagabond is hitting the road and bringing a film crew!

That’s right! I’ve been writing about art, creativity, culture and travel on this blogsite since my very first blog post in 2009 and I thought it would be even more exciting to actually film these artful adventures rather than simply writing about them. The goal is to craft a show that celebrates the creative mind through the colorful world of artists in the same way the Food Channel celebrates food.

I’ll be your host and tour guide on the ultimate road trip – traveling to studios across North America, hanging out with artists and bringing an entourage of television cameras, audio gear, lighting and crew. Sumptuous visuals, great stories and unique creative processes will inspire this series of shows that will be ready for release beginning in 2016.

I’m thrilled to have the creative talents of Jim McLaughlin (McLaughlin Photography) and Kenny Hopkins (Hopkins Media) join the project and, judging by how much fun we had with this promotional photo shoot, it’s going to be quite a ride! Jim coordinated and photographed this spectacular series of still shots on a country road in upstate New York, using a remote control and running back and forth between setting up the shot and posing in the picture. We had to keep an eye out for traffic and make sure Jim’s camera didn’t get run over!

We’ve already begun filming the first episode of the series and it’s looking good! Jim brings his creative eye for filming and exceptional talent for composition and lighting to the Artful Vagabond project, in addition to making sure everyone looks great on camera. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the shot just right.

Kenny has a drone for his camera (which always attracts a small crowd) and has already filmed some spectacular footage. He totally rocks. He’ll also be editing this series and brings his unique and artful imagery and talent for visual storytelling to the Artful Vagabond project. His philosophy is simple: create a beautiful story.

Debra Pearlman

Photo Courtesy Debra Pearlman

I am excited and honored to also be working with Debra A. Pearlman (Pearl Productions) who recently joined us as Consulting Producer on the project.

Debra’s award-winning experience producing, directing and editing film and television projects will be invaluable and her work with major networks and cable broadcasters, including National Geographic, A&E, Discovery Channel and the BBC, will help us navigate the fascinating but complex world of television production.

A new artful adventure awaits! Stay tuned!



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