Art, travel and creative fun! Serena was a guest on Angie Bowie's Radio Show! Creative sparks were flying!

Angie Bowie. Photo credit: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

Chicago curator Sergio Gomez interviews Serena on the Art NXT Level podcast:

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ArtNXTLevel-LogoSergio Gomez & Serena KovaloskyArtist and Curator Serena Kovalosky interviewed by curator Sergio Gomez
The Artist Next Level Podcast (Chicago, IL) – July 2015

Serena Kovalosky is interviewed by Chicago curator and creative entrepreneur Sergio Gomez, co-founder of Art NXT Level, an online resource for artists wanting to take their careers to the next level. Kovalosky discusses her experience and insights as a professional artist and curator, offering tips to artists on submitting work for curatorial review.

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Chrissey Dittus-Slate TruckDaily Gazette LogoRock Becomes Art in Exhibit
The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY) – June 2014

For the first time in its 19-year history, the Slate Valley Museum has mounted a national art exhibition that uses slate as the creative muse. Curated and produced by Serena Kovalosky of Artful Vagabond Productions, the Slate as Muse National exhibition at the has been warmly received by area residents, many of whom work in the slate industry or have a deep connection to the history of the region, and has drawn art-lovers from throughout the Northeast. Over 400 people crowded into the museum for the opening on June 6. Gazette arts reporter Karen Bjornland walks the reader through the exhibition, piece by piece.



Artscope logoSlate Valley Museum: More than Just Tiles
Artscope Magazine – July 2014

Artscope Magazine came all the way to the Slate Valley to review the Slate as Muse National Exhibition curated and produced by Serena Kovalosky/Artful Vagabond Productions at the Slate Valley Museum. “In a gallery set apart from the museum’s informational displays, the idea of slate takes on a form beyond its functionality. The pieces draw from slate’s various meanings in the world. Whether it is the slate that occurs naturally on Earth, or the pieces that have been meticulously cut by a machine, each form brings a different perspective to the table.”

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Museum Celebrates - CoverPost Star LogoMuseum Celebrates its Rock, its Muse
The Post Star (Glens Falls, NY) – June 2014

While slate is commonly perceived as cold and gray, the work in “Slate as Muse” reveals the material in a new light. The exhibition’s curator and producer Serena Kovalosky invited Arts Editor Doug Gruse for a sneak preview of the exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum before it opened to the public.

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Nick Benson

Manchester Newspapers LogoFamed Stone Carver Creates Piece for “Slate as Muse”
Manchester Newspapers (Granville, NY) – May 2014

A third-generation stone carver who hand-carved the inscription for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington will exhibit his work in the Slate Valley Museum’s upcoming exhibit, Slate as Muse, curated and produced by Serena Kovalosky of Artful Vagabond Productions. Nicholas Benson, of the famous John Stevens Shop of Newport, R.I. created a piece out of Monson (Maine) slate especially for this show.

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Nick Benson - Slate M Progress Detail

Post Star LogoMuseum Known for History Seeks Art
The Post Star (Glens Falls, NY) – April 2014

Curator and cultural project developer Serena Kovalosky will be bringing a national art exhibition to the Slate Valley Museum, a rural upstate New York history museum looking to the arts expand its visitor base. Kovalosky realizes that this is a major undertaking for a museum of its size, but is up to the challenge.

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Serena Kovalosky Whitehall Times LogoKovalosky Appointed to Post at Slate Valley Museum
Whitehall Times (Whitehall, NY) – December 2013

The Slate Valley Museum board of trustees recently awarded Serena Kovalosky a one-year contract as an exhibitions and marketing consultant. Her first project with the museum will be Slate as Muse, a National Art Exhibition scheduled to open in June 2014.

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Artwork Serena KovaloskyArt Animal Logoartanimalmag.com

Serena Kovalosky:The Artful Vagabond
Art Animal – August 2013

Media scholar and popular culture critic Marc Londo interviews artist, blogger and curator Serena Kovalosky on her art and her contribution to the storytelling side of the art community through Artful Vagabond.

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Serena Kovalosky

Rutland Reader Logorutlandreader.com

Creativity: It’s Never Too “Slate”
Rutland Reader – January 2013

Editor’s note: January is International Creativity Month. This is the third in a series of articles on the power of creativity and art. Rutland Reader columnist Joanna Tebbs Young interviews artist, curator and cultural project developer Serena Kovalosky.

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Ken Anderson Pic

What's Up Yukon LogoThe Largesse of Yukon Art
What’s Up Yukon
(Yukon, Canada), July 2012

Serena Kovalosky and Harreson Tanner just completed a curatorial tour of 17 artists’ studios throughout the Canadian Yukon. They took a moment to talk with writer Katie Zdybel about the trip over cups of coffee at a Yukon cafe and their plans for bringing the work of these artists for an East Coast museum tour in the U.S.

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Whitehall Times LogoNorthern Exposure
Whitehall Times
(Whitehall, NY) – July 2012

Serena Kovalosky has been invited to the Canadian Yukon to co-curate an exhibition of Yukon artists for a potential tour of the Northeast U.S. She will tour 17 artists’ studios with curator Harreson Tanner, founder of the Yukon Artists at Work Co-operative in Whitehorse.

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Serena Kovalosky opening ovenPost Star LogoWag Worthy: Gifts with a Personal Touch
The Post Star (Glens Falls, NY) – December 2011

Creativity isn’t just for the studio. Sculptor Serena Kovalosky brings her talents into the kitchen over the holidays, creating scrumptious treats as Christmas gifts for canine friends. After this article was published, Serena was surprised when she started receiving calls for special orders from readers looking for unique doggie holiday gifts! Move over, Martha Stewart!

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Serena Kovalosky and David Storey on Look TVLook-Tv-News LogoOpen Studios 2011: An Interview with David Storey
Look TV News
(Glens Falls, New York), July 2011

As the co-founder and former executive director of Open Studios of Washington County, as well as an exhibiting artist, Serena Kovalosky was invited by David Storey at LOOK TV News to talk about the Open Studios and to offer a sneak preview of the artwork from a few of the participating artists.

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Artful Weekend Page ImageDaily Gazette LogoAn Artful Weekend
The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY) – July 2011

Arts writer Wendy Liberatore spent the afternoon with Serena Kovalosky in her studio prior to the opening of the Open Studios of Washington County biennial and reviews Serena’s work in this article. “It’s trademark Kovalosky,” Liberatore says of the work that will be available for sale over the 2-day weekend. “[Gourds] etched with intricate patterns…dark amber stain…gold leaf…..”

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Adirondack Life Article

Adirondack Life Logo Gourdgeous: Serena Kovalosky Improves on Nature’s Art
Adirondack Life Magazine
– March/April 2011

The Adirondack Mountains provide much of the inspiration for Serena Kovalosky’s sculptural work. The artist returned to the rural New York town at the foothills of the Adirondacks where she was raised so she could create from a resonance with the mountains she knew from her youth. Ed Cyzewski interviewed Serena for Adirondack Life with a two-page full-color spread of her unique and remarkable work.

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Serena Kovalosky with GourdManchester Journal LogoPursuing a Passion – Artist Profile: Serena Kovalosky
The Manchester Journal (Manchester, VT) – February 2011

Journalist Anita Sandler profiles Serena Kovalosky and her work just before the opening of her solo exhibition, Gourd Spirits Dancing at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. “…[Serena] has embraced her craft, reinventing a relationship with a material one wouldn’t even imagine would move and flow and do the things she can do with the “humble” gourd…”

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Art Calendar Mag

Professional Artist Magazine Logoformerly Art Calendar Magazine

Studio Tour in NY State Brings Bucks, Not Just Bodies
Professional Artist Magazine
(formerly Art Calendar Magazine), Nov. 2010

Ligaya Figueras interviews Open Studios of Washington County co-founder and former executive director Serena Kovalosky on how to maximize sales at Open Studios and attract qualified buyers. Kovalosky explains her philosophy behind the Open Studios she organized in an economically-challenged rural area of upstate New York, attracting not only tourism but substantial art sales.

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Leslie Parke & Serena Kovalosky with Joe Donahue

WAMC LogoOpen Studios: An Interview with Joe Donahue on “The Roundtable”
Northeast Public Radio/WAMC (New York), July 2009 & 2011

Open Studios of Washington County co-founder and Executive Director Serena Kovalosky and artist and Open Studios PR maven Leslie Parke were invited on Joe Donahue’s Roundtable on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio to talk about the 2009 Open Studios and returned to promote the 2011 tour. Thoughts from the “Green Room” on our ten minutes of fame.

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Serena Kovalosky Video on Porch PiecesPorch Pieces LogoPorch Pieces: An Interview with Bryony Graham
YouTube – October 2010

Led by British artist Bryony Graham, this collaborative, community-based project based at Salem Art Works in Salem, NY explores the physical and psychological space of the great American porch and its place in the culture of present-day upstate New York. Some of the visitors to the installation were filmed by Graham, becoming part of her online “Porch Talks” series on the project. Serena Kovalosky joined Bryony on her porch to share stories and creative thoughts, then wrote a blog post about the experience, and included the video Bryony took of their conversation.

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Serena Kovalosky pic - HCO - 2009Hill Country Observer LogoFinding artists amid the farms and fields
Hill Country Observer (NY, VT, MA) – July 2009

As the co-founder of the Open Studios of Washington County, NY and a professional artist, Serena Kovalosky talks about leaving Montreal to set up her studio in rural upstate NY, and how the studio tour helped unite the region’s surprising cultural community.

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Serena Kovalosky pic - Post StarPost Star Logo with GourdworkOrganic Evolutions
The Post Star (Glens Falls, NY) – October 2008

 Post Star Arts/Life Editor Doug Gruse visits with Serena Kovalosky in her studio as they discuss the creative inspiration and technical process behind her carved and gilded gourdwork.

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Mary Ward Quilt - Creative WarriorsManchester Journal LogoCreative Warriors Coming to Manchester
The Manchester Journal (Manchester, VT) – October 2007

The Creative Warriors are coming to Manchester! This dynamic group of artists and writers will be sharing their art and their journey as the featured event of the Greater Manchester Arts Council’s “Life after Dark” program. The Creative Warriors is the creation of sculptor Serena Kovalosky who, in 1997, decided to leave the corporate world to dedicate herself to becoming a full-time artist. It was a choice worthy of needing to become a “warrior” to accomplish….

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Photo Main Street ArticleMain Street LogoIf You Host an Open Studios Tour…
Main Street (Cambridge, NY) – July 2007

This article explores the secret to the success behind the Open Studios of Washington County, NY, co-founded by sculptor Serena Kovalosky and ceramicist Brenda McMahon. The first Open Studios biennial (2007) generated over $40,000 in art sales in two days, and subsequent tours saw art sales steadily climb, despite a recession, up to $75,000 in 2011. Here’s the philosophy behind the sales.

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Open Studios Brochure 2007 Hill Country Observer LogoArt amid the Farms: Studio tour highlights county’s creative side
Hill Country Observer
(NY, VT, MA) – July 2007

Art Tourism. Most people around the region know Washington County, NY is a big center for dairy farming, but far fewer associate it with the visual arts.That changed after the weekend of July 21-22, when twelve professional artists in southern Washington County opened their studios to the public as part of a self-guided tour. The tour is the brainchild of two artists, Brenda McMahon and Serena Kovalosky, who said they realized that few people were aware of the range and professionalism of the county’s artists……

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Serena Kovalosky casting in NJ

Ocean County Observer HeaderMolding Cultural Life from Plaster
Ocean County Observer/Asbury Park Press (Toms River, NJ) – June 2002

“Students, teachers and even the principal at Brick Township High School were confined to plaster casts yesterday, but none of them had incurred an injury. The wraps and plaster were all for art’s sake….” The project was part of Serena Kovalosky’s creative road trip to bring arts and culture to a wider public.

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Casting Peace- Serena KovaloskyPost Star LogoCasting Peace / Artist Jumps Out of Rat Race
The Post Star (Glens Falls, NY) – April 2002

Serena Kovalosky began takes her creative projects on the road in an effort to bring the arts to a wider demographic and generate an appreciation for the creative process. She began traveling throughout the northeast U.S. inviting anyone who was interested to participate in an experiential creative project through bodycasting. First stop was an elementary school in Whitehall, New York, where Serena not only cast the hands of a classroom of second-graders, but she also invited journalist Stacey Morris for a facecasting session, which resulted in a lengthy interview and this article in the Post Star.


Serena Kovalosky & Zone 3 Film Crew - Life ChannelCanal Vie LogoCanal Vie Québec & Life Channel Canada Television

The Art of Bodycasting – Serena Kovalosky (2000)
Program Host: Sylvie Ledoux
Filming & Production: Zone 3

Serena Kovalosky was invited by host Sylvie Ledoux to feature her bodycast artwork and technique on Canada’s Life Channel. The segment was shot in Serena’s Montreal studio with an off-camera interviewer, featuring a selection of her current work and finishing with a live bodycasting session. The program was so successful, Serena was asked to interview for another segment in French for Quebec’s Canal Vie.


Le Journal du Vieux Montréal

The Wild Soul
Journal du Vieux Montréal, (Montreal, Canada) – March 1999

Serena Kovalosky’s first solo exposition of her bodycast sculptures took place just a few years after she left the corporate world to become a full-time professional artist. The author of the article, Bernard Dubreuil, eventually purchased the piece that so captivated him as he reviewed the show.

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Serena Kovalosky-BBC Holiday-1981BBC LogoBBC One Television
Holiday Travel Show (November 1981)
Hosted by John Carter

As a tour escort for Boston area motorcoach company Michaud Trailways Tours, Serena Kovalosky was asked to host a very special motorcoach tour that would include a film crew from the British Broadcasting Corporation television series, Holiday, along with regular tour passengers. The three-day trip to New Hampshire and Bethel, Maine featured New England fall foliage at its finest and the BBC cameras captured it all for the show, which was aired on BBC One in 1981.


Trailways Promo -1980-Serena Kovalosky

Photo credit: John Flynn

Trailways NewTrails HeaderSouth Station Goes “Big Red”
Trailways NewTrails Magazine – July 1980

Back in her travel days as a tour escort for Michaud Trailways Tours, Serena Kovalosky was the host who “kept the crowd entertained with prize drawings and snappy patter” during Trailways’ Open House festivities celebrating their move to South Station Terminal in Boston, Massachusetts.

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