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Artists Announced for Slate as Muse

Give an artist a challenge and they will always deliver innovation.

As the curator for Slate as Muse, I’m excited to announce the nineteen artists who will be exhibiting their artwork for this first-ever National Art Exhibition which will open on June 6, 2014 at the Slate Valley Museum in Granville, NY.

Slate Valley Quarry, Slate Valley, New YorkAt the beginning of the year, a nationwide challenge was sent out to the art community: Using slate as their creative muse, artists would paint, sculpt, photograph, and/or somehow incorporate slate into their work, with slate as the subject and/or medium.

I knew I was taking a chance with this show. Slate has been quarried in small, isolated pockets of the U.S. and it is a rarely-used medium. It doesn’t have the “caché” of marble or soapstone. For sculptors, it chips and cleaves easily, adding an additional challenge to the creative process. For painters and other 2-D artists, using slate as a subject is a particular challenge and although it could be used as a canvas, we were looking for work that pushed the boundaries of merely “painting on slate.”

It’s not easy to turn slate into a work of art.

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous. But I should’ve know better. If you need to have something created that no one has ever seen or even thought of before, ask an artist. As submissions started pouring in, I was not only relieved but inspired and awed by the talent and sheer creativity.

Twenty-seven works of art have been selected for the show ranging from painting, encaustic, photography and mosaic to mixed media and sculpture. I have not yet seen any of the work in person but I can tell you I’m looking forward to seeing how they will complement and contrast and interact with each other in the museum’s gallery.

Here are the artists who took up the challenge and delivered innovative reflections slate as art. Bravo to each of you!

James C. Bassett, Portland, OR
Wall sculptures: Slate, alabaster, ebony, mahogany, hawthorn twigs

Kathleen Bennett Bastis, New York, NY
Wall sculpture: Reclaimed slate and metal

Nicholas Benson, Newport, RI
Slate carving/hand lettering

Linda Biggers, Broadalbin, NY
Slate mosaic with stained glass on mirror

Susan Breen, Bridgeport, CT

Tony Conner, Bennington, VT

Alyssha Eve Csuk, Bethlehem, PA

Chrissey Dittus, Queensbury, NY
Acrylic on canvas

Carol Driscoll, West Rutland, VT
Red slate sculpture

Kerry O. Furlani, Poultney, VT
Bas-relief slate carvin

Jeanne Heifetz, Brooklyn, NY
Wall sculpture: Slate, graphite, zinc, nickel, bronze, iron

Michael Kukla, New York, NY
Black slate sculpture

Adriano Manocchia, Cambridge, NY
Oil on panel

Thomas Merwin, Castleton, VT
Oil on canvas

Michael Updike, Newbury, MA
Carving on slate shingles

Gyula Varosy, Greenwich, NY
Slate and wood sculpture

Herb Weigand, Stroudsburg, PA
Acrylic and oil on slate

Nancy P. Weis, Castleton, VT
Encaustic with slate and mixed media

Richard Weis, Castleton, VT
Acrylic and oil on canvas

For updates on the exhibition, visit: http://www.artfulvagabond.com/projects/slate-valley-museum


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2 comments to Artists Announced for “Slate as Muse”

  • Just catching up with my emails I have been really busy lately. However I wanted to say Congratulations! I’m so excited about you curating the Slate as Muse exhibition. Everything you have been doing is so exciting and encouraging.

    I’ll definitely post information on Facebook and Linkedin regarding the Slate as Muse exhibition at the National Art Exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum. Best of luck! We’ll have to catch up with one another in 2014.

    • Hi Renee! Thank you! I’m so excited about this show – the artists are extraordinary and the programming that will be created around this event will support the power and value of the art in the show.

      Thank you so much for your support and for sharing the exhibition info. We shall definitely have to get in touch in the New Year. The interview you did for Artful Vagabond had such great messages and inspiration for my readers……

      - SerenaK

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