Art, travel and creative fun! Serena was a guest on Angie Bowie's Radio Show! Creative sparks were flying!

Angie Bowie. Photo credit: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

Chicago curator Sergio Gomez interviews Serena on the Art NXT Level podcast:

Art NXT Level

Angie Bowie: Inside the Creative Mind of a Pop Culture Icon

Angie Bowie. Photo by Sergio KardenasPop culture icon Angie Bowie talks about life, creativity and passion and presents her new book of poetry from her years with rock superstar David Bowie to the present. Click title to read more . . . [...]

Longing for an America of the 1950s

Pick-Up Sticks by Abigail VanCannon. Copyright © Abigail VanCannon

Remember Pick-Up Sticks? A nostalgic and surprising look at America in the 1950s . . . . [...]

Artwork on Money: $20 Canadian - Day 230

Spirit of Haida Gwaii by Bill Reid. Photography by Bengt Oberger

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Art as Life - and the Revival of a Culture

We Give Thanks by Jean Taylor. Copyright © Jean Taylor

Painting a revival – a Tlingit artist from the Yukon celebrates the ceremonies that were almost lost . . . . [...]

Shaman of the Knives

George Roberts. Photography by Christian Kuntz. Copyright © Christian Kuntz. All Rights Reserved.

There is a legend among the Inuit of the Northwest Territories of Canada that tells the story of a modern-day Shaman of the [...]