Art, travel and creative fun! Serena was a guest on Angie Bowie's Radio Show! Creative sparks were flying!

Angie Bowie. Photo credit: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

Chicago curator Sergio Gomez interviews Serena on the Art NXT Level podcast:

Art NXT Level

Wonder Women

Wonder Woman AwardOut of all the awards out there, you won’t find this one in a Who’s Who or on the front page of the news, but it is certainly one of the most powerful. Click title to read more . . . [...]

Invisible Art Sells for Millions

I’ve always thought the art world was a little mad. New York artist Lana Newstrom created an entire show of “invisible art” with the premise of, “Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean I didn’t put hours of work into creating a particular piece.” Oh, and collectors are lining up to buy it . . . . [...]

From Artful to Vagabond and Back Again

Serena KovaloskyMedia scholar and art critic Marc Londo interviewed me recently for an article in Art Animal Magazine. We talked about everything – from how I became an artist to my thoughts on art marketing, to the value of art in a balanced lifestyle and how we can transcend the “starving artist” archetype. Marc wrote an exceptional article that expertly sums up the philosophy behind Artful Vagabond . . . . [...]

Art for Everyone

Art.Com videoI just saw what might be a “first” on television. An advertisement to buy art. I’m breaking out the wine and celebrating . . . . [...]

Lessons and Rewards from a 365-Day Project

Happy New Year

I had no idea what I was in for when I took on this 365-Day Project and I have so much to share about the experience . . . . [...]