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Gordon Ramsay Brings Hotel Hell to Cambridge, NY

Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge, NY

Big-time television has arrived in my humble neck of the woods. Everyone’s been talking about the arrival of Gordon Ramsay and his team from the new series, Hotel Hell, which will begin filming this week at the Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, NY.

Having seen episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, and having worked in the hospitality industry, I’m not sure I would be as willing to subject myself to public humiliation on national television, but in a recent conversation with some of the staff at the hotel, I got a better idea of what was really behind the decision to seek out Mr. Ramsay’s advice on how to save this struggling hotel and restaurant.

Hotel Hell will be travelling across America, performing much-needed makeovers on hotels, inns and B&B’s. If you believe what you see on TV, it will be accomplished in a few days’ time with much yelling and spitting out of food. That’s for the cameras.

Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge, NYThe truth is, some of the best and brightest in the hospitality industry have been visiting the hotel for months, watching how the hotel operates, assessing what needs to be changed and taking a look at the total picture including the village of Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Of course there will probably be a fair amount of restaurant scenes, since that’s Mr. Ramsay’s area of expertise, but the entire hotel is under scrutiny.

The last time I dined at the Cambridge Hotel was last summer, right after our Open Studios biennial, when I arrived with last-minute reservations for a group of 10 French-speaking Quebecois friends from Montreal. The staff was incredibly accommodating with our rather boisterous group, but I must admit – I’m looking forward to experiencing what Chef Ramsay can do to bring the menu up to top-notch level. There’s a fair amount of work to be done and I’m curious as to how exactly he’s going to do it. And whether or not the hotel can maintain it long after the cameras have left.

I’m really hoping this works. I’ll be returning after the filming to see what’s been done, and I’m definitely looking forward to the show, which is scheduled to air in the spring.

We’ll all be tuning in to see if Chef Ramsay can save the official home of Pie à la Mode. It’s going to be a good story.

Cambridge Hotel
4 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY


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7 comments to Gordon Ramsay brings “Hotel Hell” to Cambridge, NY

  • Mary Scott

    Right on Serena! Just how I feel. I knew Tina Imhof had a “method in her madness” when she invited Hell to her Hotel! I live a five minute drive from the Cambridge Hotel, go there often, and really admire the hard work, commitment, and community spirit the Imhof Family demonstrates on a consistent basis. My only concern is that I’ll lose my easy access if it becomes Posh & Pricey. I wish John, Tina, their daughters, Shea & Abby, and their Big “Chef” all the best in this courageous and creative endeavor to keep an historical landmark and “family owned and operated” small business alive and well in Cambridge, Washington County, Upstate New York, USA! My Town.

    • It’s so wonderful to see how much of the community is rallying around this venture. I’m sure they will consider that it’s the locals who would keep the restaurant busy year-round – especially in the dead of winter. They apparently have some top-notch professionals who have been researching everything from top to bottom. I’m hoping for the very best for them and am really looking forward to experiencing the result! – SerenaK

  • Mary Scott

    Best of luck to the Imhof family.


    back in the 90′s my husband and I took a ride for the day. we often did this going far from home. this particular time we went to the Cambridge NY area as part of our ride and stopped at the Cambridge Hotel to eat.

    the staff were very nice, the food was good. it looked old but then it is. I have no idea what the rooms were like as we did not stay but drove on.

    my husband did comment that the place could use a little something to cause it to still maintain its age but look a little more inviting. I thought it looked sad like it recalled a nice past but had been let go.

    hadnt thought about the place for years.

    the dinning room still looks as it did back then.

    good luck.

    • The hotel had been refurbished since your visit, but still had some financial difficulties, and the owners were hoping that the Ramsay team could suggest ways to improve that would help grow the business. Sadly, only months after the filming, the hotel had to close – even before the show went on the air.

      We are all hoping it will find an owner who knows the hospitality business and can make it work. The Cambridge Hotel is one of the jewels of Washington County and we have all tried to support it over the years……it apparently will takes more than what Gordon Ramsay had to offer which is a management with solid experience and money to invest.

      - SerenaK

  • Rad

    I just watched this episode last night,, it looked like there was hope, very sad to hear- towards the end of the epoiside it appears the owner tool all the negitive and positive criticism to heart.. The young prep chief – touch chief Ramansy heart. It was a good

    • I do think, however, that there are some people interested in purchasing the hotel. We are all hoping that the right person can turn it into a vibrant business once again. I miss the wonderful dinners in the pub – seeing old friends and meeting new ones!
      - SerenaK

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