Art, travel and creative fun! Serena was a guest on Angie Bowie's Radio Show! Creative sparks were flying!

Angie Bowie. Photo credit: Sergio Kardenas. Photo courtesy Angie Bowie & Sergio Kardenas

Chicago curator Sergio Gomez interviews Serena on the Art NXT Level podcast:

Art NXT Level

Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass

Chihuly, Boston MFA

Dale Chihuly is probably the most famous glass artist since Tiffany, helping raise the tradition of glassblowing to the level of fine art. I stayed an extra day in Boston so I could attend the opening of “Through the Looking Glass” at the Museum of Fine [...]

Right-Brainers, Stand Up!

A Whole New MindWe are living in an exciting time. Forget about all the negative news stories, I’m talking about how we are changing as a culture. And it has some linear thinkers [...]

French Friday: The French Cafe

"Le Lapin Saute" by Pierre Desjardins

There is nothing in this world like a great French café. When I lived in Tours, France as a university student, I’d look forward to relaxing after class with my friends at the local café with my diabolo fraise – [...]

Carrying the Seeds for the Next Generation

Spiny Pod by Serena Kovalosky

What seeds are being carrying forth for the next generation to sow? Are they good seeds, healthy seeds? Will they thrive wherever they are planted or will they need special [...]

All the Single Girlfriends

Exciting news! I’ve been invited to become a regular contributing author to a brand-new social media site, “All the Single Girlfriends”. This dynamic, inspiring, informative, and just-plain-fun blogsite is written by and for single women over the age of 40 who share stories and information on just about everything: travel, relationships, [...]