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Travel Notes from a '57 Chevy

I always loved Sunday drives. In the days before seat belts, my brother and I could stand up on the back seat of Dad’s 1957 Chevy and look out the back window, watching where we’ve been as ribbons of country road unspooled beneath our tires.

My favorite stretch of road was upstate New York’s County Route 12, the “back road” from Whitehall to Granville. The rolling farmland allowed my mind to drift off into luscious daydreams as the car weaved its way up and down hills and around curves, past the Holstein cows and bright red barns that signified farmers here in Washington County were doing just fine.

The Sunday drive always ended at a favorite lunch spot although as a kid, my idea of a good restaurant was one that could cook up a mean hamburger and fries. We’d always pass on dessert because on the way home, we’d stop at the Tastee Freez in Whitehall for a “creamee” (chocolate for me, please!)

Fast-forward to 2009.

So what’s happened to all these scenic country roads, delicious lunch spots and “The Sunday Drive”? Does anyone just hop in their car, destination unknown, and travel roads they’ve never been on before, just for the thrill of discovering something new?

I still do. Of course, my food preferences have matured (although I’ve been known to go out of my way for a great hamburger) and, being an artist, I have a penchant for eclectic shops, artists’ studios and cultural gems hidden in the rural outback. I’ll pull off the road to soak up a stunning landscape. I’ll seek out locals who have a story to tell, or who can point me to a great little restaurant that will delight my epicurean palate.

I invite you to return often and enjoy the journey as I share my discoveries, and I encourage you to offer suggestions for any great places I may have missed.

Here’s to the Open Road.

Travel Notes:
Tastee Freez has all but disappeared from the east coast, but check this link for a little nostalgic history and current locations: Tastee Freez


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2 comments to Travel Notes from a ’57 Chevy

  • Dave Abbott

    I love that stretch of road too. 8 or 10 years ago there were a few oreo cows[black-white-black] mixed in with the Holsteins. There were also some Halfsteins which are, of course, smaller. Near Whitehall there was a many gabled old place; I wonder if it still stands.

    • That many-gabled place is still there, Dave, at the Gray’s Corners where Route 12 makes a 90-degree turn just outside of the Whitehall town limits. I keep wanting to take a picture of it before the buildings collapse. – SerenaK

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